What We Do

At Hearing Help, the goal is to provide the whole community with the assistance and advice they need to improve their hearing outcomes. Some of the services provided include hearing tests (for adults and children 4+ years), tinnitus assessments and treatment, auditory processing assessments (primary and high school children), ear plugs, micro suction ear wax removal, CASA aviation and workplace assessments as well as hearing aid fittings for adults.

Hearing Help is accredited under the Hearing Services Program (HSP). Under this Australian government program eligible Pensioners and veterans can be offered fully subsidized hearing assessments and hearing aids. We are also accredited under Dept of Veterans Affairs (DVA) to provide hearing assessments or assistive devices and Medicare claiming subsidized hearing assessments (for any Medicare card holder with a valid Doctors referral).

Mission Statement

To assist Redcliffe residents with their hearing health concerns with client centred-care, building relationships that foster hearing solutions not just for the life of their hearing aids but for the client’s life.

About Erin Seamer

Full Member of Audiology Australia

Erin is a fully qualified*, university-trained audiologist with over 20 years’ experience (15 years within the Redcliffe community).

* Masters degree in Clinical Audiology, Bachelors degree in Applied Science

Growing up in Redcliffe and as a local to Scarborough, I have a strong commitment to my community and strive to assist all ages with their hearing concerns.

I value hearing and understand the impact it has on our overall health, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Hearing affects our relationships with those we love and impacts our cognitive health.